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Black Girl Magic Hightop Sneaker

Black Girl Magic is everything! Our custom designed sneakers are light pink with small polka dots with our retro Black girl MOC artwork design. A throw back to the 70's...


Blue Cloud Hightop Sneaker

These sneakers are colorful and cool. The Blue Cloud Hightop Sneaker is covered in a pink, blue and purple swirl pattern. Perfect for any girl who is bold and loves...


Marble Floral Hightop Sneakers

Rock your custom made Marble Floral Hightop Sneakers on a trendy classic. Our Women's Hightop Canvas Shoe is a minimalist sneaker but gives comfort for a day or edgy night...


Pink & Black High Top Sneakers

Ready to hit the town in comfort and style? Rock your custom made Pink & Black High Top Sneakers. A trendy classic with a pastel design. This shoe has a...


Pink Floral Hightop Sneaker

Rock your custom made kicks on a trendy classic. Our Pink Floral Hightop Sneaker is a minimalist sneaker but gives comfort for a day or edgy night look. The Bright...


Purple Flower Hightop Sneaker

Giving you total Purple Rain vibes with our kicks. The Purple Flower Hightop Sneaker is the perfect combination of comfort with a little Prince vibe. Inspired by one of my favorite...

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