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Queen Bee Collection

Pave Crystal Queen Bee Pearl Earrings - Pretty Fab Things
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Pave Crystal Queen Bee Earrings

The Queen is the most graceful bee in the hive.  These beautiful blingy Pave Crystal Queen Bee Earring are indicative of that grace. Perfectly crafted bees made from rhinestones and...

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Bling Bling Crystal Bee Rings

The bee symbolizes brightness and personal power. Nothing exudes that more than this Bling Bling Crystal Bee Ring. This is definitely an eye catcher when worn with any outfit. The...

Crystal Gold Plated Enamel Bee Stud Earrings - Pretty Fab Things
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Gold Enamel Bee Earrings

These Crystal Gold Enamel Bee Earrings are absolutely adorable.  These are enamel bees with crystal inset wings. To add a little drama, one earring has a drop simulated pearl. Check...

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