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Top 4 Festival Clothing Trends

by Rhonda Miller

With festival season nearing, we all love to see the trends for our favorite events before we hit the road with our besties. I have to say that in 2020 there are a lot of fun changes in festival clothing trends. Here’s our Pretty Fab top four trends. Find your perfect jewelry match on our website to polish off those festival outfits.

 So, what should you wear for festivals in 2020?

 #1: Mesh:

A loosely woven or knitted fabric, Ideal for creating mesh tops, tanks, activewear jerseys, and more. While we already saw a bit of mesh during 2019, we can say that mesh is here to stay. The truth is that mesh doesn't only look incredibly punk, but it can also be perfect for those warmer festival months.

 #2: Fringe:

Those really cool dangling pieces of fabric that are associated with everything from a flapper’s dress to a cowboy’s jacket! One of the best things about fringe is that you're not limited to jackets only. In fact, you can wear it on skirts, dresses, bags, and even boots.

 #3: Leather:

It's time to facts: leather is not going anywhere. The truth is that leather is a classic and timeless trend. Luckily, In 2020 there are also vegan options for this look. Faux leather is everywhere. For those festival nights a little leather jacket or skirt is perfect.

 #4: Glitter:

Did Glitter ever die? We say no. Who doesn’t love all that shiny, blingy material on their face as body! Grab your glitter eyes shadow in your favorite bright color and body glitter in either silver or gold. There’s nothing that makes those festival memories more special than those small specs of glitter that are found days after those festival trips.  

Combining It All

The truth is that when you go to a festival, you probably want to make a statement and show a bit more about your personality. And the reality is that festivals are the perfect place to do it!

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